Do you value your church volunteers?


Do you value your Church Volunteers and Team Leaders?

Every church depends on their faithful volunteers who give of themselves each week to serve their church, God and each other. Without them, our churches wouldn’t function at all. Like all of us, our volunteers have very busy lives balancing time and energy between family, work, and church. Continue reading

How to Improve First Time Visitor Experience

We all want to see new visitors come to our church, get planted, and flourish, but we easily forget what it’s like being a first-time visitor to a new church.  They’ve never been here before so they don’t know what to expect, what to do, where anything is, what the service will be like, and so on. Continue reading

Church Database Software – What Should it Track?

It can be surprising how much information and scattered details a church needs to keep track of on a weekly and even daily basis.
The wise church administrator knows the best way to stay organized and efficient is by using church database software. A database gives you one common point of information for everything you need. Everyone on staff knows where to go to get a phone number, address, or even statistics and other reports. Continue reading

Mobile Check-In

New Check-In Hardware available! We’ve just released two new hardware options for our Check-In system. If you’re looking for a mobile solution, you might be interested in our new 10” tablet that can work with a wireless label printer! Now your volunteers can have the freedom to walk around without being tied down with wires and cables. With the option to have labels print wirelessly, you could even have them print out in the classroom as they walk in.

Mobile Check-In is a great option for churches that don’t have the convenience of a permanent building or even just for those who want a more relaxed Check-In environment. And if you don’t need labels, our Mobile Check-In is perfect for events or special services where you can quickly get each person’s name as they walk in the doors.

The tablet and wireless label printers are available separately so you don’t have to purchase both if you only want one. For more information on either of these products please feel free to give us a call (888.371.6878) or email us at

Contribution Check Scanning

Check scanning drastically speeds up data entry!

Entering weekly contributions into the computer may not be the funnest way to spend your time, yet it is critical to the operation of your church!

Now you can use a check scanner to drastically speed up the process of entering contributions!

Instead of looking up contributors manually, you simply scan their check and it will automatically find the appropriate person in your database.

All you have to do is enter the account designation, and amount!
The check images are also stored for you, so you dont have to make copies anymore.

  • Save hours of data entry time
  • Reduce errors and ensure accuracy
  • Stores check images right in their record

Two scanners to choose from

Continue reading