Announcing the all new web-based Excellerate Atom

Atom = Simple + Powerful

Atom was designed to give you all of the power, features and flexibility your church needs, in a clean, simple, extremely easy-to-use design.

Yes, there are “simple” solutions out there, but they lack the features and flexibility your church needs.
Yes, there are “powerful” solutions out there, but they are way too complicated, require weeks of training, and are frustrating to use.

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Church Check-In – Simple, Clean, Portable

Enjoy the simplicity of a complete mobile check-in solution for your church!

mobile check-in

Our portable check-in tablets allow you to easily check-in your children, members and volunteers wherever you are – Internet NOT required.  The information can be stored on the tablet, or synced to a main computer with a USB stick. Continue reading

7 Habits of Highly Effective Churches

These habits come from the best practices we’ve seen in the healthy, growing churches that we’ve worked with over the past 15 years. Not only have we been helping other churches, but I’ve been fortunate to also help start and grow our local church through all of its stages – from 30 people in a temporary facility to now over several thousands of people in multiple campuses! I’ve been both on the outside, helping with the administration of these practices, but also on the inside – working through all of the many details in our local church as well. So it’s a privilege to bring these habits and practices to you and your church. Continue reading

How to print Church Giving Statements / Church Contribution Letters

Here’s what you need to know about printing year end church giving statements or church contribution letters for your church members.

You can refer to the official IRS publication here for the specific details.

Why do we need to print church giving statements?

People who contribute to your church will want to deduct those contributions when they file their tax return in April.  To do so, they will need to provide proof of those donations to the IRS.  That proof is usually a “contribution statement” or “giving statement” that reports the total tax-deductible contributions for each person or family.

Technically, you really only need to provide statements for people who Continue reading

The High-Capacity Church Worker – Time Blocking

It’s all too common. For some reason, we humans tend to take on more and more tasks and responsibilities until we reach overload.  Especially in the church world – I think we really do want to do more, and make a bigger difference in peoples lives, but we have to be careful.  When we take more on, the quality and effectiveness of our work starts to decline.

It’s definitely a great quality to be a “high-capacity” person, and able to handle a lot of responsibility.  The trick is Continue reading

Still taking class attendance manually? Streamline it with Excellerate Check-In!

Most churches offer classes to help members develop personally, spiritually, etc…  These may be classes for membership, spiritual growth, or just practical topics.  It’s a great way to help develop your members, build relationships, and get people more plugged-in to church.

Instead of manually taking attendance, writing out name badges, trying to keep up with all of the paperwork, streamline it all with Excellerate Check-In!

Excellerate Check-In now allows you to check people into classes with just a few clicks.

  • Instantly print out name badges
  • Record attendance in Excellerate
  • Even take their picture using a tablet or web-cam

Having class attendance data really helps you know where your members are on their development track, and helps you know who’s ready for their next step.

If you don’t have the Excellerate Check-In module, you can add it at any time.

Have questions?  Give us a call 888-371-6878 or email:

Church Management Software – Web-based vs Installed


When it comes to deciding on a church management solution, your first decision is

Web-based or Installed?

In a web-based solution, the application is running in on internet web servers located in a datacenter somewhere.  All of your church data will be stored on those servers as well.

In an installed solution, the application and data is installed on your own computers in your church.

There are clear advantages and disadvantages to both, so you’ll need to consider both sides, and decide which approach fits your church the best.  We also discuss a unique hybrid option, so make sure you read to the end to see how that works! Continue reading

Want your church to grow? Prepare for it!


We all want our churches to grow and see more people living for God and thriving!

Yes there are many ways to attract people to our church, but what good is it if we’re not prepared to effectively serve them?  If things are getting forgotten, misplaced and outdated, then the people we are called to minister to will be falling through the cracks. Continue reading