Excellerate Cloud – Access Anywhere on Any Device

Excellerate Cloud - Cloud Based Church Management

Our customers have told us how much they love Excellerate, all of its powerful features, and the ability to customize it to meet their specific needs, but many of them needed the ability to access the program from Macs, iPads, and from home.

Now you can!

Excellerate Cloud gives you the full Excellerate experience in the cloud, so now you can access it from anywhere on almost any device! It’s better than web-based. You get the benefits of both worlds, web-based and installed, without the problems! You get the speed and customizability of an installed program PLUS the availability and accessibility of the web.

How it works

We simply move your Excellerate program and database to your own dedicated server running in the cloud. Now your staff can easily access the full excellerate solution from any device by simply going to your dedicated web page such as yourchurch.myexcellerate.com.

Excellerate cloud starts at only $49/month!

Give us a call or email for more details!


    • Access Anywhere on almost Any Device
      Access it over the web. Works on PCs, Macs, Ipads, Iphones, Android tablets and phones, and even Linux.
    • More Reliable
      One of the main problems of web-based solutions is losing access to your data when there is an internet problem or server downtime. With Excellerate Cloud, if anything goes wrong, you can still access a local copy of your data using your installed software!
    • Faster
      Believe it or not, Excellerate Cloud is even FASTER than running it on your church network! Your software and database run on the same server in the cloud, so data access is instantaneous!
    • Completely Customizable
      Unlike other solutions where many customers share a common server, Excellerate Cloud gives you your own server which allows you to customize it and grow with you as your needs change over time.
    • Lower IT costs
      No more worrying about backing up your data, updating your software, or maintaining servers. Excellerate Cloud moves all of that to the cloud, so we take care of all of the maintenance and backups so you don’t have to!