They’re coming… Are you ready?


They’re coming – new visitors to your church!

The holiday season is almost here, and that means new families will be visiting your church for the first time – Are you ready for them?

Will they have a great first impression of your church?

Will you be able to follow up and connect them into your church?

Did you know that the right child check-in system will help you do just that?

First impressions are more important than you think.  Before a service even begins, first time guests usually have already decided if they will return to your church.  Having a secure child check-in system in place will have an immediate impact on families with kids.

  • A child check-In system instantly communicates to a new family that you place a high value on the safety of their children.
  • A child check-in system shows that you are a thriving, relevant church using state-of-the -art technology.
  • A fast, efficient check-in process shows that your church is well managed and cares about their members.

Following up with new visitors is the first step in being a good steward of the people that come through your doors and a critical part of your church growth.  The right child check-in system not only helps with check-in but can also help you do a great job of visitor follow up.

  • Easily capture new visitor contact information

Families checking into the nursery or children’s church is probably the easiest way to capture contact information for future follow-up.  People have no problems giving their contact information when checking in their kids, whereas filling out a visitor card in service may have a lesser chance of success.  Excellerate check-in allows you to enter new visitor information right away!

  • Follow up with emails, letters or postcards

We know that visitor retention rate is highest when you follow up with new families within the first 48 hours.  Excellerate allows you to do just that with built-in follow up features such as mass email, mail-merge letters, labels, and more.   Even if a family is not ready to make a decision right away, your continued communication will keep your church in front of them for when they are ready.

Get ready for the new families visiting your church with the affordable Excellerate Check-In System!

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