Do you value your church volunteers?


Do you value your Church Volunteers and Team Leaders?

Every church depends on their faithful volunteers who give of themselves each week to serve their church, God and each other. Without them, our churches wouldn’t function at all. Like all of us, our volunteers have very busy lives balancing time and energy between family, work, and church.

Here’s one way we can show our volunteers how much we value them and their time:

ServePoint is an online volunteer scheduling, communicating, and resourcing solution specifically designed for churches.

ServePoint makes your volunteers lives easier by allowing them to:

  • Receive text and email notifications when they are scheduled to serve.
  • Receive text and email reminders the day before they’re scheduled to serve.
  • Quickly accept or decline if they are not available.
  • Enter vacations dates or other days they are not available.
  • Easily access resources they may need to serve: lesson plans, music, videos, etc…

ServePoint makes your team leaders’ lives easier too:

  • Simple scheduling of their teams weeks at a time
  • Instantly notified of a scheduling conflict
  • Instantly notified if someone declines
  • Provide a common source of resources for your team members

ServePoint is very easy to use, clean, and fast!  Your leaders and volunteers will “get it” right away!

Don’t wait – show your church volunteers and leaders how much you care about them.

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