Excellerate Check-In for VBS


Vacation Bible School (VBS) is always a great time for your children to learn of and grow into the things of God. It’s a youth-focused spiritual retreat, designed to engage your kids in the Word – all while giving the parents a little break of their own during the summer.  The vacation in VBS may even sound more attractive to the parents than the kids.  But, of course, now the church has the responsibility of taking care of all these children and their security.  Even with a handful of volunteers, sign-ups, check-ins, and schedules can add up to a lot of work in no time.  Paper systems work, but Excellerate’s Check-In System can take the sting out of all those paper-cuts. Continue reading

The 5 Most Important Features you should be getting from your Church Membership Software

A lot of churches are still making the switch from paper systems to computer based applications to help manage their church membership. You might already have a church membership solution, but you aren’t as happy as you hoped you would be. Or if you’re one of those still sitting on the fence and just can’t seem to make a decision, consider these 5 things as you’re looking around at different options, or as a guideline to help direct you to the right solution. Continue reading

How to Encourage Your Members to Bring Guests

Every time I research visitor retention, I see a different set of recommendations from every single source.  But, the one thing they agree on is that relationships are the key to retention. If so, maybe we should take more advantage of the relationships that already exist.  This tip is about attracting visitors who already have friends in your church.  A good follow-up and connection process is great.  But, the process’s success depends on your ability to get members to personally connect with every visitor.  When your members bring their friends, that part is already done. Continue reading

Simple Tithe Tracking

Every church needs to have accurate record tracking of tithes and offerings, but it can be a real headache doing that manually.  You have to make sure every contribution is recorded for the correct member toward the correct fund, track loose cash, produce weekly/monthly reports, and generate giving statements at the end of the year. Continue reading

Serving and Reaching out to Your Community

We at Excellerate believe very strongly in the power of serving the community to grow the church. Serving isn’t some trick to create growth, or some way to tie God’s hands and force Him to grow your church, serving is a way to treat people the way God wants to see them treated, and it’s the very essence of God’s personality. That’s why it’s so powerful. Continue reading

Managing Church Small Groups with Excellerate

More and more churches are realizing the power small groups can have for reaching the lost and disciple believers. However, it can be very difficult to track all the details associated with small groups.

Excellerate church management software fixes that problem

From our inception, we’ve been committed to providing top of the line tools for tracking, monitoring, and evaluating your small group success. Excellerate can Continue reading

The Benefits of a Church Orientation Class

New visitors to your church have one question in mind – “Is this for me?”

That question will be partly answered in the first few minutes of their visit – the kind of people they see, the style of music, friendliness, etc..  But they also want to know things like: how the church started, what it believes, what it expects out of its members.

If you want to retain these visitors, you have to make the information they crave readily available. The more open you are about these kinds of topics, the more comfortable people feel in supporting you and beginning a relationship with your church. Continue reading