Want your church to grow? Prepare for it!


We all want our churches to grow and see more people living for God and thriving!

Yes there are many ways to attract people to our church, but what good is it if we’re not prepared to effectively serve them?  If things are getting forgotten, misplaced and outdated, then the people we are called to minister to will be falling through the cracks.

Growth is the inevitable result of a healthy organization.

It’s simple really, healthy things grow! When everything is functioning properly, cells will multiply, seeds sprout, ideas flourish, leaders are developed. Healthy things not only grow internally, but also attract others. People gravitate toward healthy things.

If we want our church to grow, the best thing we can do is prepare a healthy, efficient, functioning organization that naturally produces growth!  Having a good church management system is at the heart of that preparation, and Excellerate has been helping all kinds of churches grow for over 15 years.

Here are a few areas Excellerate can help you prepare for growth:

  • Are you capturing new visitor information in a central database where you can easily assign people to follow-up, and then continually reach out to those people with letters and emails keeping your church in front of them?
  • Are you tracking important member details like hobbies, talents, giftings, personality profiles, that help you connect people to serving opportunities?
  • Do you have a clear spiritual/leadership development process and know where each of your members are in that process?  Do you know who needs to take the next step?  And can you easily send them letters or emails?
  • Are families with kids getting checked in quickly to the nursery and children’s services?  Are allergies or medical conditions displayed on their name badge?
  • Do you have a security system in place to make sure the right person is picking up their child?
  • Are you recording member contributions in your database so you can easily print giving statements throughout the year?
  • Can you quickly answer the many questions that help you make critical decisions for your church?  Questions like:
    “Which of our visitor followup methods are most effective?”
    “Who has completed our leadership class that is not yet leading a small group?”
    “Show me anyone who’s church involvement is dropping off.”

This is just a fraction of the areas Excellerate can help you improve to prepare a healthy environment for growth.

Healthy things grow, so let’s make sure our church administration is healthy and helping our church to grow!