Can’t install Excellerate on your computer

Some computers come with a stripped-down version of Windows that only run simple apps, and will not allow you to install Excellerate

If you have that version, you can switch it to full Windows for free.

First, check to see if you have “Windows S-Mode”

You can check whether you’re using S Mode by heading to Settings > System > About. 
On the About page, scroll down to the “Windows Specifications” section. 
If you see the words “in S mode” to the right of the Edition entry, you’re using an S Mode PC.

To switch out of S Mode to regular Windows, open the Store app on your PC and search for “Switch out of S Mode.” The Store will guide you through taking your PC out of S Mode.

Make sure you reboot your computer after that, then you can install Excellerate.

Excellerate shuts down after logging in

On certain computers, you may experience Excellerate shutting down right after you login.

To fix this, you need to change Windows “DEP” setting:

Click Start and select Settings.
Type “View Advanced System Settings” and choose the same option in the drop-down menu.
Tap on Advanced in the new window and select Settings under the Performance section.
Click on Data Execution Prevention in the menu bar and check the box “Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only” option.

Restart your computer

Excellerate should load correctly now.

iDPRT Printer settings for check-in

If you are using the iDPRT label printers with Excellerate check-in, you may need to adjust the label settings for “Check-In”, ” Check-In Receipt”, etc..

First make sure you have downloaded and installed the iDPRT printer driver from here.

Now, make sure the actual printer settings for the iDPRT are set to the default:

Next, from the check-in program, click the Modify button (“…”) next to the Checkin label:

Then click the “Modify” button:

Then click the “Layout” button:

Now adjust the Papers size to custom, Width to 2.75, and Top margin to .40:

That’s it. Close and save your changes

Announcing the all new web-based Excellerate Atom

Atom = Simple + Powerful

Atom was designed to give you all of the power, features and flexibility your church needs, in a clean, simple, extremely easy-to-use design.

Yes, there are “simple” solutions out there, but they lack the features and flexibility your church needs.
Yes, there are “powerful” solutions out there, but they are way too complicated, require weeks of training, and are frustrating to use.

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Multiple computers using Excellerate Desktop over your network

If you have the Excellerate Desktop solution, you can share your database from a server or “main” computer that’s always on.  You would need the multi-user network option for this. 

Each workstation would have the Excellerate program installed, but would open the database from the server or main computer.  For this solution, the computers would need to be connected to your church network – preferably a wired network. Wifi networks can drop out and cause database problems.

If you have really strong, reliable Wifi, and you don’t move your laptops while using Excellerate, you might be able to use wifi, but make sure you take frequent back ups just in case.

First, share your Excellerate folder from the main database computer over the network

Typically you should consult your IT person about sharing information across your network, but if you don’t have an IT person, here are the basic steps:

  • Share your c:\Excellerate folder on the main computer that holds the Excellerate database.  Here’s one how-to article:
  • Make sure users have full read,write,delete access to the c:\excellerate\ folder
  • Write down the address listed in the window, for example:     \\DESKTOP-VMN9GIN\Excellerate

Next, install Excellerate on your other computer

Tell the other computer to open the Excellerate database from the main computer share

  • Start Excellerate on the other computer, and if prompted, choose “Open other database” (If you don’t see that option, you can go to the File menu, and choose Open Database)
  • Now, you need to open the database from the main computer, so you should enter the full path to the main computer. For example: \\DESKTOP-VMN9GIN\Excellerate

(Note – if you get an error trying to access that folder, it means you don’t have sharing set up correctly, or you don’t have the correct user id & password to access the share. You will need to further investigate your steps for sharing.)

  • When you open that path, you should see your database file, possibly called “database” or “database.mdb”. Or you may have called the database something else when you created it.
  • Log into Excellerate, and answer YES to the prompt “Make this your default database?”

That’s it. Now both computers can access the same database.

Adding a logo to contribution statements

Here’s how to add your logo to the contribution statements.

For best results, make your logo 108 pixels tall and save it as logo.jpg
If you can’t do that, it will still work, but may not look as good.

In Excellerate go to Reports, Members, Member Contribution Statements

-Find the style “Full page with logo”, and hit the Modify button.
-You’ll see a square at the top for the logo, that says “PICTURE:…”

-Click in that square, and then in the “fx” field above, change it to:


-Close the report and save it with a new name

-Put your logo in the c:\excellerate\ folder, and it must be called logo.jpg

Preview the report, you should see your logo. You can modify the report and adjust the size if needed.

Set up Texting in Excellerate

Excellerate has the ability to send text messages to your members and pre-members.  You can send texts to an individual member, or to an entire view of members.
To send texts, you first purchase a block of text credits from our website.  If you buy 100 credits, then you can send 100 text messages.  Credits never expire, so you can keep them as long as you want.

You will first need to set up your texting account

To set up texting in Excellerate, Go to the Options menu, Preferences, Texting Options.

From here you can hit “Create my account”.  This will take you to the order page on our web site, where you can log in, and purchase some text credits.

Scroll down to the middle and find “Excellerate text credits” and order some credits, and check out. This will create your texting account, and you will get the following email:

Your new Excellerate texting account is ready to go!
Next, enter the following account settings in Excellerate.
Go to the Options menu, Preferences, and click "Texting Options."
Enter the following:
Text Server:
Username: xxxxxx
Password: xxxxxx
You can use the "Manage My Account" button to do the following:
Add more text credits
View your text messages
Cancel a bulk send
Change your password

Simply enter that information in the screen above, and you’re ready to start texting


Deleting Members

When you delete a member in Excellerate, you’re really just flagging it for delete in the future.  We do this so that when you delete someone, you have some time to recover in case you made a mistake, or the person starts attending again.

When you’re ready to permanently remove those members, you just need to go to the Utilities menu, Maintenance, Remove Old Records.


Typically, you would “Create ARCHIVE backup”, and then choose “Remove all DELETED members”, then hit “REMOVE Records”

There are many options in this screen, so for more information, you can also check the built-in help for “Remove Old Records

Just be careful about the options you choose, because you could remove all of your members.


Church Check-In – Simple, Clean, Portable

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mobile check-in

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