Contribution Check Scanning

Check scanning drastically speeds up data entry!

Entering weekly contributions into the computer may not be the funnest way to spend your time, yet it is critical to the operation of your church!

Now you can use a check scanner to drastically speed up the process of entering contributions!

Instead of looking up contributors manually, you simply scan their check and it will automatically find the appropriate person in your database.

All you have to do is enter the account designation, and amount!
The check images are also stored for you, so you dont have to make copies anymore.

  • Save hours of data entry time
  • Reduce errors and ensure accuracy
  • Stores check images right in their record

Two scanners to choose from

Multi-feed scanner

With the multi-feed scanner, you can load up a batch of checks and just hit the “scan” button to feed each check. This scanner will also print an endorsement on the back for you.

Purchase the check scanner yourself: Magtek Excella part # 22310102

Single-feed scanner

With the single-feed scanner, you simple feed each check into the scanner. This scanner does not print an endorsement on the back.

Purchase the check scanner yourself: Magtek ImageSafe