Excellerate Check-In for VBS


Vacation Bible School (VBS) is always a great time for your children to learn of and grow into the things of God. It’s a youth-focused spiritual retreat, designed to engage your kids in the Word – all while giving the parents a little break of their own during the summer.  The vacation in VBS may even sound more attractive to the parents than the kids.  But, of course, now the church has the responsibility of taking care of all these children and their security.  Even with a handful of volunteers, sign-ups, check-ins, and schedules can add up to a lot of work in no time.  Paper systems work, but Excellerate’s Check-In System can take the sting out of all those paper-cuts.

Excellerate Check-In can easily manage member information for both the children and parents, secure check-ins, attendance tracking, and room assignments – just to name a few.

A major highlight of the Excellerate Check-In system is the ability to add your own custom fields to your member information.  For example, you can create and customize your own VBS fields to track sign-ups for specific events or other daily activities in the children’s member record.  Another great feature is the ability to create daily name badges that can be designed to individual days allowing your volunteers to make sure the children have properly checked-in for the day.

Schedules can get messy when trying to organize room assignments for hundreds or even dozens of children, but Excellerate Check-In offers a simple solution.  Whether you manage your VBS activities by grade or age, our Check-In System allows you to create room assignments where kids are automatically checked into a room based on the information in their member record.  If you prefer to have children assigned to a specific room beforehand, you can do that as well by having the room assignment field preassigned in that child’s member record.

Security is probably one of the highest concerns for church’s when it comes to VBS.  They need to make sure everyone’s accounted for throughout the day and that the guardian who picks them up is indeed that child’s guardian.  Excellerate Check-In helps keep your church secure by designating security number on every name badge as well as giving one to the parent who drops off the child.  When the parent comes to check-out their children, they simply present this security number to the volunteer, who checks to make sure it matches the child’s name badge number.

For more information, watch the check-in system in use, and explore all the features here.