Looking for a Church Volunteer Management solution?

The bigger Churches become, the more volunteers are needed to help out.  It’s a simple fact, and while many churches may be thriving with helping hands, leaders may feel overwhelmed with the task of coordinating where volunteers can serve every week.  This is where having a good church volunteer management system can make all the difference in keeping your church volunteers organized.

A great church volunteer management system will enable to you schedule, connect, and resource your volunteers.  With team specific schedules, text and email notifications, and a resource library, ServePoint Volunteer Scheduler enables you to fully manage every aspect of scheduling and communicating with your volunteers.

A lot of church volunteer scheduling solutions can be found online, but ServePoint was designed specifically for churches – to help manage volunteers in every ministry or serve team.  With ServePoint’s Church Volunteer scheduling, you can see all your volunteer teams in one place, and schedule them to specific campuses, services, and positions.

Scheduling your volunteers shouldn’t be a burden, but a source of great joy to see how many people are willing to serve!  Having a great church volunteer management solution in place will make coordinating your volunteers a breeze.  To see how it works, you can check out a free 15-day Trial of ServePoint