Simple Tithe Tracking

Every church needs to have accurate record tracking of tithes and offerings, but it can be a real headache doing that manually.  You have to make sure every contribution is recorded for the correct member toward the correct fund, track loose cash, produce weekly/monthly reports, and generate giving statements at the end of the year. Continue reading

Serving and Reaching out to Your Community

We at Excellerate believe very strongly in the power of serving the community to grow the church. Serving isn’t some trick to create growth, or some way to tie God’s hands and force Him to grow your church, serving is a way to treat people the way God wants to see them treated, and it’s the very essence of God’s personality. That’s why it’s so powerful. Continue reading

Managing Church Small Groups with Excellerate

More and more churches are realizing the power small groups can have for reaching the lost and disciple believers. However, it can be very difficult to track all the details associated with small groups.

Excellerate church management software fixes that problem

From our inception, we’ve been committed to providing top of the line tools for tracking, monitoring, and evaluating your small group success. Excellerate can handle:

  • Geographic organization structures
  • Purpose driven groups
  • G12
  • Traditional Sunday school classes
  • Free market groups
  • And any other small group structure you can think up…

Excellerate Church Management Software Lets You:

  • Centralize all your small group data.
  • Quickly and easily see where your members are in their spiritual growth.
  • Graph results from your groups, so you know how each one is doing and where you need to spend more attention.
  • Excellerate your small group reporting, by letting your leaders submit reports via the internet.
  • Generate a graph of your small group structure at the click of a button.
  • View graphs showing the growth patterns of your groups over time, so you can identify trends.
  • Excellerate church management software can automatically create a webpage for you where people interested in joining a small group can go and search your groups.
  • Excellerate lets you take the initiative and identify any attendance problems before they get too severe and too hard to fix.

You get all this without monthly fees!

Excellerate church management software lets you track every detail

Everything you might want to know about your groups is presented together, in the same screen, so it’s easy to find.

The small group management screen of the Excellerate church management software
[Get all your small group information in one screen]
  • Record the leader’s contact information, and picture
  • See the membership list
  • See what activities the group has had
  • Track history of any changes the group has undergone
  • Read details of their meetings
  • Look at group attendance records
  • And much, much more…

Make it easier to collect leader reports

Excellerate church management software includes a utility that will build some pages onto your website, where your leaders can log in and submit their reports from home. This is much easier than paper reporting.

  • No more wasted hours entering data off the forms.
  • No more running copies the day before a meeting.
  • No more illegible handwriting.

Just click a button and Excellerate will download the updates and process them.

Submit small group reports online with Excellerate church management software
[Report small group meeting results online]

You can customize these webpages so they capture the information about your small group meetings that are most important to your church.

These pages will also let your leaders update their contact information, review reports online, and get a list of all the visitors they’re supposed to be following up with.

Anyone interested in finding a small group can go to your website and do a search. You don’t even have to maintain the list. Excellerate will build and update the page for you, based on the groups you have set up in the database. All you have to do is click a button and it’s done!

Excellerate church management software makes it easy to manage your small group structure
[Drag and drop groups]

Excellerate church management software lets you build your small group structure by just dragging and dropping groups around. You can build any type of small group structure! Whether you have a traditional geographic organization, or a G12 system, or no structure at all, you can build it in Excellerate.

Excellerate church management software automatically produces charts showing all your small groups, and where they fall in your organizational structure.

Insure successful small groups with Excellerate church management software

The key to making your small groups successful is the ability to monitor and measure all the clues that reveal whether a group is healthy or not: attendance, study topics, how many visitors come, and any comments your leaders wish to make.

Excellerate Church Management makes it easy to track and analyze these clues. Then, the program can graph things like your group’s growth over time, so you can look for patterns and areas where you either need to pay more attention, or where you’re having success that should be replicated in other groups.

Excellerate church management software will graph the growth of your small groups
[Sample Small Group Growth Chart]

The Benefits of a Church Orientation Class

New visitors to your church have one question in mind – “Is this for me?”

That question will be partly answered in the first few minutes of their visit – the kind of people they see, the style of music, friendliness, etc..  But they also want to know things like: how the church started, what it believes, what it expects out of its members.

If you want to retain these visitors, you have to make the information they crave readily available. The more open you are about these kinds of topics, the more comfortable people feel in supporting you and beginning a relationship with your church. Continue reading

How to Increase Team Unity

It’s simple to say, but vital: teams can only exist if they’re unified. A team without unity is like a body where no two cells stick together. All the cells might be alive, but a trillion single celled organisms will never be able to do half of what one organism made of a trillion cells could do.

So, to help you take your church and the volunteer teams to the next level, we’ve put together a few tips. Continue reading

How to Handle Rebellion in Church

Unfortunately, the question of how to handle rebellion in church is one that often gets asked. Without knowing the details of your particular situation, I can’t speak directly to it, because every instance is somewhat unique. But, there are a few rules that apply in every case. The most important is that you can’t ignore the problem. It is never, ever easy to handle a situation like that, but no rebellious act has ever been resolved by silence. Continue reading

How to Get More Volunteers for Children’s Church

I recently got an email with a great question, and I think it’s one many churches have. The question was:

“I have to get more parents serving in the children’s ministry! I’ve been asking ‘how’ for two years and still don’t have any workable answers.”

I have three suggestions. Continue reading

How to Get More People in Small Groups

We all know that small groups are a great way for people to get more connected into church and to each other, but sometimes the hurdle can be getting them to take the first step of signing up to try a group.  Here are some tips that we’ve seen work well for many of the churches we’ve worked with over the years. Continue reading

How to Effectively Follow-up with New Visitors to Your Church

There are a lot of ways to follow up with new visitors, and you really just need to try a few methods and see what works for your church.  Just make sure you’re measuring your results so you can clearly see what’s working and what’s not.  Here’s a good starting point to adopt or at least get you thinking about an approach that will work for you. Continue reading