Church Visitor Retention Tips

We at Excellerate have been working with churches for many years now, and in that time, we’ve seen how growing churches are finding success in retaining more visitors.  Read through these practices and think about how you could implement them in your church.

Start with visitor Follow-Up

There are a lot of ways to follow up with new visitors, and you really just need to try a few methods and see what works for your church.  Just make sure you’re measuring your results so you can clearly see what’s working and what’s not.  Here’s a good starting point to adopt or at least get you thinking about an approach that will work for you.

How to help visitors feel included in your services

We all want to see new visitors come to our church, get planted, and flourish, but we easily forget what it’s like being a first-time visitor to a new church.  They’ve never been here before so they don’t know what to expect, what to do, where anything is, what the service will be like, and so on.   Wnat to know how to improve first time visitor experience?

How to get Feedback From Your Visitors

If you want to connect with and retain visitors, you need to listen to them. But you already knew that. The real question is how to get your visitors to give you feedback.

How to encourage your members to bring guests

If your church is like mine, there’s no shortage of leaders telling people to bring friends. The hard part is getting people to listen. One reason few people act when you talk to them about this from the pulpit is because there are so many listeners. It’s easy for every member to assume you were talking to someone else, leaving everyone off the hook. Find out how to get members to bring guests to church.

The Benefits of an Orientation Class

New visitors to your church have one question in mind – “Is this for me?”

That question will be partly answered in the first few minutes of their visit – the kind of people they see, the style of music, friendliness, etc..  But they also want to know more…