Visitor Follow-up with Excellerate

If you follow up with your first time guests within 24 hours, you’ll greatly increase your retention rate. That’s a small window, are you hitting it? Most churches don’t have a clue if they are.

What about the percentage of visitors not contacted? Everyone gets a busy signal occasionally. How often do your connectors manage to do the follow-up? How often do they forget? Again, many churches have no idea. But, people could easily be slipping right through the cracks, unnoticed, a hole unseen.

Excellerate Church Management Software Solves These Problems

Excellerate lets you take concrete, organized steps to insure every visitor is contacted, and its powerful reporting feature lets you monitor the backdoor so you can see how many visitors are slipping through, and where.

Use Excellerate to Distribute Visitor Info to Your Follow-up Team

When you get your visitors’ information in the system, Excellerate can automatically go through and give them sponsors. Then, all you have to do is hit a button and all your connectors will get emails with the information needed to do their follow-up.

Sample of the Excellerate Church Management Software Visitor Follow-up Email
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You can customize these emails so they contain all the information that is important to your church.

Let your Team enter their results Online, Then you can import Reports straight into Excellerate

Excellerate church management software includes a feature that can automatically build pages on your church website where your members can go and report the results of their follow-up.

Excellerate Church Management Software Offers Online Visitor Tracking
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Excellerate’s web integration lets your follow-up team enter the results of their efforts via the internet. You’ll avoid wasting time and effort with paper systems and illegible handwriting. As with the emails, you can customize these report pages so you focus on the information your church values.

Analyze Results With Your Church Management Software

The key to success in any area is learning from your mistakes. Whether your follow-up process is tanking or soaring, when people’s souls are at stake, you can’t be content with the status-quo. Excellerate Church Management Software gives you the tools needed to take your follow-up to the next level.

Excellerate Church Management Software Visitor Follow-up Reports
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The Excellerate Church Management Software offers a wide range of reports and graphs that let you pinpoint the exact points where your system is weak, and the exact follow-up methods that yield awesome results and should be used more often.