Moving Excellerate to a New Computer

Here’s how to move you Excellerate from one computer to the other.

  1. The first thing you will want to do is find out where your database is stored. Open Excellerate on the OLD computer. The database location will be located in the header of the program after you log in:
  2. Navigate to that location on your computer using your File Explorer. In the example, I am navigating to C:\excellerate. After the last ‘\’ will be the actual database file you are looking for.  In the example, the database name is  sample(real).mdb – Right click that file and choose Copy.
  3. Next, plug in a USB drive or some sort of external storage. Open that drive in File Explorer.  Right click on the drive and choose Paste. This will copy the database to the external drive. You can then unplug the drive from this machine.
  4. Install Excellerate on the NEW computer.
  5. Plug in the external drive into the NEW computer. Open the external drive in File Explorer and locate the database file.  Right click the file and choose Copy.
  6. In File Explorer, navigate to the C:\Excellerate folder. Right click on some white space in that folder and chose Paste.
  7. Launch Excellerate and you will see a screen saying the database is not found. You will need to click the button that says, ‘Open OTHER database’
  8. You will now see a window asking you to select a file.  Make sure you are looking in C:\Excellerate which is where you stored the database, and select the database you saved in that folder and click open.
  9. You will now be prompted to enter a userID and password to login to Excellerate. This will be the same as what you used to log in on the old computer. Enter the Id and password then click login. You will be prompted to make this your default database and you will want to click yes.

You have successfully moved your database to the new computer!

Remember – Do not use Excellerate on the old computer any more, otherwise you will have two different database with different information, and out of sync.