Allow Multiple Computers to Access Excellerate

There several options for allowing multiple computers to access Excellerate.

Desktop solution on the church network – If you have the desktop solution, you can share your database from a server or a “main” computer that always stays powered on.  Each workstation would have the Excellerate program installed, but would open the database from the server or main computer.  For this solution, the computers would need to be connected to your church network with ethernet cables.  Wifi connections are not recommended because they can an drop packets, which can cause problems.  All computers must be running Windows. You would also need the multi-user network option for this.  It’s a one-time cost and allows you to connect all of your church computers to Excellerate.

Desktop solution with remote access – If you need access to Excellerate away from church, and you’re not ready for the cloud solution, you could use a remote access or screen sharing solution such as Remote Desktop,, or Team viewer.

Cloud solution – The cloud gives you the ability to access your church information from anywhere on almost any device, including Macs, tablets, phones, and more. Excellerate Atom gives you the full Excellerate experience in the cloud with unlimited users!