Setting up Check-in over your network

If you have several check-in stations and you want them to connect to your Excellerate database located on another computer, you’ll need to:

  1. Share your Excellerate folder from the main Excellerate computer
  2. Tell the check-in stations to connect to that database in the shared folder.

Typically you should consult your IT person about sharing information across your network, but if you dont have an IT person, here are the basic steps:

On the check-in computers, see if you can access the shared folder by going to your start button and enter the share path (for example: \\DESKTOP-VMN9GIN\Excellerate )
You may have to enter an ID & PW (save password)
You should see your Excellerate files


Now set your check-in station to Online mode:
  • Start check-in, go to the Options tab, and choose “Online”
  • Hit “Open Different Database” and choose your database from the \\DESKTOP-VMN9GIN\Excellerate folder
  • Restart check-in