Check-In System – Children, Volunteers, Events

The Excellerate church check-in system allows parents to check their kids in, get name-tags and security receipts, and record the children’s attendance, all in a matter of seconds. It’s also good for making name-tags for volunteers and recording when they served.

See the check-in system in action – watch the video

check-in options

Express mode: Parents simply scan a barcode, which automatically enters the child into the system and prints their nametag and receipt. This is one of the fastest and sleekest modes, since all that’s visible is a barcode scanner and printer. It’s so easy you can let parents use it for self-check-in stations.

Touch-screen mode: Parents can either use the screen to search for their child, or they can have a barcode that will pull up every child in their family. Then, they just use the screen to select who’s present and check-in is done.

This is also a great option for stations frequented by visitors, since it’s so easy to use and requires no special equipment like keytags. Visitors to your church check in their kids by simply filling out a form that pops up on the screen. And, since you can design the form, you’ll be collecting only the information most relevant to your church’s needs.

Attendant mode: A volunteer uses a mouse and keyboard to search for and check in the children. It’s a great option for small churches that are looking to increase church security without breaking the bank.

Name Badges

You can customize the badges so they’re specific to each service type.

church check in system sample name badge

Name badges are completely customizable, so they will show exactly what’s important to your church:

  • Name
  • Ministry logo
  • Security / Call number
  • Special conditions or instructions
  • Room assignments based on age or grade
  • Service, date and time

Key-tags or cards

One of the quickest ways for parents to check their kids in is with barcodes. Each parent can decide whether they prefer to have one tag per child so they get instantaneous check-in when they scan, or they can have one tag pull up the entire family and they just select who’s present (great for larger families). You assign these tags yourself, so you can quickly issue new tags as your church grows.

church check in system key tag church check in system barcode


In touch screen mode, you simply do a search for the child either by last name, or by the last four digits of their home phone number, then select the child from the list. It’s an easy process, un-intimidating for visitors, and since all you have showing is a screen and printer, this is one of the cleanest ways to arrange your church check-in system.

touch screen entry for your church check in system

Remote Facilities

If yours is a mobile church, or if your child care spaces aren’t near a network plug, Excellerate’s church check-in system has you covered by letting you run in offline mode. This lets you store attendance files on a portable USB drive and sync everything up later.

Track Volunteer and Event Attendance

You aren’t limited to just tracking attendance for your kids. Your volunteers can also check-in, allowing you to record who volunteered that day, as well as letting you print nametags for them, so you can make sure no adult goes into the child care area unless they are supposed to be there.

Track Visitors

When a visitor wants to check-in, a form pops up on the screen that they can fill out. This will automatically create a record for them, so you can track who was present, the system can be set to mark the person for follow-up, and if they keep coming back the system will automatically roll them into the member portion of the database for fuller tracking.