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Complete Church Management Software

Choose an installed, or cloud solution to help you completely organize all of your church information.Find out more…

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Church Check-In System

Streamline your check-in process, track attendance automatically, and feel confident knowing your kids are safe.Find out more…

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Church Volunteer Scheduling and Communicating

ServePoint is a cloud-based tool that will help you to schedule, connect and resource your church volunteers!Find out more…

Powerful Church Management Software that you won’t out-grow

There are a lot of church management systems on the market today offering different levels of features and functionality. Switching church management systems is not something you want to do very often, so make sure you choose a software solution that not only has the power and features your church needs now, but also in the future. Excellerate Church Software has been helping churches of all sizes for over 15 years! During that time we’ve worked closely with church administrators, pastors, secretaries, volunteers, and IT departments, and we know the church management needs you will face. That knowledge drove the design of every feature in our software so you have the power you need to manage your church.

Your church management needs will change as you grow, so Excellerate was designed to be extremely customizable to adapt to those changing needs. Your visitor followup process may start off being pretty simple, but eventually you will want to track many different aspects of the followup process. Excellerate lets you add new fields, customize views, reports and more as your church grows.

Cloud-based or Installed

With Excellerate Church Management Software, you have choice of a cloud / web-based solution, or an installed solution. Some churches want everything installed on-site on their own computers where they have total control of everything. Other churches would rather a cloud solution where we maintain everything. The choice is yours! In fact, you can start out with an installed solution with no monthly fees, then as your needs change, you can easily move to the cloud!

Cloud-Based Church Management – Better than web-based

Many churches these days need the mobility and accessibility of a web-based church management system, but don’t like the all of the limitations of a web-based solution. Web-based software can be slow, cumbersome especially for data-entry, and inflexible. On the other hand, installed software is extremely fast, optimized for data-entry, and can be very customizable since each church has it’s own installation of the software.

Excellerate has solved this dilemma with cloud-based church management software. Our cloud-based solution gives you the speed and customizability of installed software, but also the mobility and accessibility of web-based software. Our cloud solution allows you to access your data from anywhere by simply browsing to a web page, or using a cloud app on your phone or tablet! The best thing is the software isn’t restricted to the limitations of a web browser, so it can run as fast as an installed solution. And you get the customizability of an installed solution because it runs on your very own dedicated cloud server.

Church Management for Mac’s, PC’s, Phones and Tablets

Our cloud-based software allows churches with Mac’s and PC’s and even Linux to all use the same church management system! All you have to do is browse to a web page, or use the cloud app on your phone, ipad, or android tablet!